Training Your Dog To Be Obedient

Training Your Dog to Be Obedient

While obedience training is necessary for any dog, it’s also true that most dogs naturally tend to seek it. But the difficulty lies in determining how to get an Obedience dog to follow a lead willingly and to avoid pulling on leash leads. Train your dog takes patience and determination. There are different methods for training, and each requires training for a different time frame.

Types Of Training: Training Your Dog

There are two types of training; positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement. Positive reinforcement trains the dog to learn, while negative reinforcement teaches the dog not to do something. However, in many cases, it’s not the method of training that works best. It’s the results of the training that matters.

Positive Reinforcement: Training Your Dog

So what is positive reinforcement? A positive reinforcement method for Obedience training is when the owner rewards his dog with a treat after every activity or action. If you walk your dog, tell him “good job!” and give him a treat after he walks by. Reward him every time with a treat after your dog acts.

Training Your Dog to Be Obedient
Training Your Dog to Be Obedient

You can try other methods, too, like dog parks, crates, barking collars, or even different ways to handle him during meal times. Trainers recommend reinforcing behavior when your dog does something right, to teach him to do it again when he gets something wrong.

Try To Praise Your Dog: Training Your Dog

Dog owners should praise their dog for whatever it does well. But, at first, your dog will need to master “sit” stay.” With time, he’ll be able to sit and wait, without using “sit” stay” commands.

At the same time, if your dog’s bladder is full, he may not be able to use his bathroom until loud noises or a sudden breeze does not faze him. Train your dog to stay quiet while peeing in a crate. The goal is to teach him to use only his bathroom in the house.

Trust Your Dog

How much can you trust your dog? Your dog may act very strange, aggressive, and skittish for no reason. In these situations, you can help your dog relax by praising him when he does something right. This should calm your dog and make him less nervous.

Training Your Dog to Be Obedient
Training Your Dog to Be Obedient

Consider Using Quality Dog Training Food

Dog food is another factor in training dogs. Some dogs eat as much as you can handle, while others seem to require more. As such, some dog owners feed their dog’s dry kibble. Another method is to feed them dry but supplement with kibble after meals.

You should always try to find out what kind of food your dog prefers. Don’t assume that kibble means he’s happy with it. You don’t want to create additional food-related problems, especially if your dog isn’t a food eater.

Ensure that you’re feeding your dog with quality food, like whole grains and grains that are not dry. Your dog needs regular exercise; you should start early and continue every day after that.

Make Sure Your Dog Is Having Enough Exercise

Also, the amount of exercise should be enough to keep your dog’s body in shape. Regular exercise is key to healthy bones and joints. With regular exercise, your dog can remain fit and trim.

Final Words

Obedience training is necessary for your dog. You can successfully train your dog to perform tricks without pain, discomfort, or time-consuming work. Just remember to be patient with your dog, as most dogs begin off-leash obedience training right away.