The Marvelous Pointer Dog Breed And Its Activities -

The Marvelous Pointer Dog Breed And Its Activities

Pointer Dog Breeds

The term pointer is a common word to specify any breed of hunting dog. The pointer dog breed was thought to have originated in Europe. The pointer dogs are often known as English Pointer. Basically, they are medium to large-sized, strong, and energetic dog species. Moreover, the coat of a pointer dog breed is short, dense, smooth with a sheen. The pointer dog can be recognized easily by its long head to a finely pointed tail. The pointer dog was used for hunting birds. So, you can call them guides or assistants of bird hunters. Therefore, these dogs are very active and require vigorous exercise daily. Moreover, high intelligence and quickness to learn something has made the pointer dogs unique among various breeds.

Characteristics Of Pointer Dog Breeds

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Pointer dogs are very much house pets as long they get sufficient exercise for their extremely high energy levels. They are tempered, intelligent, affectionate, clean, and very much loyal. Therefore, the aggression level is very low and could happily coexist with other cats and dogs. Children feel safe and friendly with pointer dog breeds. These are not a great watchdog breed but will bark on suspicious noises. While hunting bird, these skills may be expected from pointer dog breeds-

The dog can easily find and point out the bird’s location.

After observing a brace mate on point, the dog stops immediately.

They are expected to find out the dead or wounded bird after giving proper training.

Some Best Pointer Dog Breeds

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Therefore, to help you with the right direction, we have listed down some of the common breeds. The pointer dog breeds can lead the hunter towards the game by directing with their muzzle.

● English Setter: These dogs are generally gentle, friendly, tempered, highly energetic, love to play for hours. Therefore, like other pointer dogs, they also have spots or markings in their coat as they grow up. But at a younger age, the coat couldn’t display properly. Moreover, the texture of the coat should be silky.

● Irish Setter: These are very playful, can easily adjust with family, the mildest, good watchdog. They always stay alert and very much affectionate. Moreover, children love them for their calm and loving demeanour.

● English Pointer: These pointer dogs have a short, dense coat. Therefore, they even can adjust well with other dogs or even cats. They might grow bored if they are not getting enough exercise daily. They always want some cuddling and some more extra attention.

Final Words

The lifespan of the pointer dog breeds a maximum of 12.4years as per the UK Kennel Club survey. However, these breeds can suffer from some serious problems like- hip dysplasia, cherry eye, epilepsy, and allergies. So, you should take special care of your beloved if you own one. Additionally, pointers are “couch potatoes” who want to enjoy relaxing on the chairs, sofa, and beds. As you move along the rooms, the cute little thing will follow you everywhere. The furry companion will definitely let you forget all the worries of the way and help you to regain energy.

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