Incredibly Largest Dog Breeds That Will Amaze You!

A large brown dog lying on the ground


A dog can be the best friend of humanity. Pet dogs become as good as members of the family.  Children love to play with dogs.  However, some dogs’ breeds are quite large, and it would be risky for any person, especially children, to play with them.  They can be ferocious, aggressive, and some times, attacking. Usually, dogs do not attack humans unless they are disturbed, threatened, or prompted to do so. While large dog breeds appear to be ferocious, they can become excellent pets.  Let us get acquainted with the 9 world’s largest dog breeds.  

1.  Great Dane: 

This is one of the tallest dogs that can be domesticated.  Great Dane can be as much as 34 to 44 inches in height!  It has descended as a hybrid cross between English Mastiff and Irish wolfhound.  Great Danes are exceptionally playful, and they like strolling in a leisurely way.  Pet Great Danes are used for hunting boar games, protecting real estates, and showing dogs.  Great Dane owners feel proud of mastering the fantastic breed. 

2. Saint Bernard: 

A dog standing on grass
Large Dog Breeds–Saint Bernard, the Alaskan Dog

A large, lion-like Saint Bernard has a royal look and seems to overpower other species. Having its origin in the Alaskan region, it is also sometimes referred to as Alaskan Dog.  This dog’s height can be up to 30 inches, and have a graceful look due to their bushy fur.  Mostly with a contrasting color of reddish-brown over white background, Saint Bernard has a decent look.  Though with a fearful appearance, they are with mild temperaments.  This breed is very useful in rescue operations. 

3.  English Mastiff: 

One of the giant breeds of dogs with a height of up to 35 inches is the English Mastiff.  The species has its origin from the ancient war dogs.  Now they are pet dogs in many families.  This dog is best used for security purposes by the defense or police personnel due to its intelligence and a sharp sense of smell.        

4. Irish Wolfhound: 

The Irish people domesticated this breed for hunting wolves.  They also used it in combat with horse riders and chariots. Measuring up to 32 inches in height, they can be friendly with children.  They are very active, energetic and have to be maintained that way through strolling

5. Doug De Boardaux: 

This breed is 26 inches tall and is known as French Mastiff. It has a unique wrinkled appearance. Since they have excess folds in the skin, they are susceptible to skin infections like dermatitis.  The pet dogs of this breed require a lot of precautions to protect them from skin problems.  These dogs have their origin from their ancient guardian predecessors.  People used this breed for hunting and war purposes. 

6. Newfoundland: 

These dogs are known for their mastery over swimming.  The breed is known for its capability as lifeguards in water games.  They even have webbed feet, which help them in better swimming.  They are up to 28 inches tall.  With a loving nature and fluffy appearance, they soon become favorite pets. 

7. Anatolian Shephard: 

A Turkish breed with ancient origin.  The Turkish people used this breed to protect flocks and properties.  With a height of 32 inches, this magnificent breed has a lifespan of 15 years.  Their use for protecting cattle herds from cheetahs is well known. However, today with the effort of nature conservationists, the incidents of cheetah killing have been minimized. 

8. Leonberger:  

This is a cross between Saint Bernard and a Pyrenean Mountain Dog. It has a fluffy appearance with height up to 30 inches.  The breed is useful for tracking and herding due to its strength and smartness.  If not appropriately trained, they can become offensive.  However, after proper training, they become good family pets.  Nevertheless, their contact with children should be under parental control. 

9. Neapolitan Mastiff: 

These dogs have their origin in Southern Italy.  The breed was useful for guarding purposes.  It is an intelligent and a peace-loving breed with a unique appearance of protective folded skin. These tall dogs have a height up to 31 inches, and they are often with droopy jowls.     


A person holding a dog
Large Dog Breeds–A friendly Dalmatian

The listed 9 of the world’s largest dog breeds can become favorite pets if adequately trained. Friendly Dalmatian is sportive and entertaining. These graceful pets become a matter of pride and add feathers to family reputation and image in the society.  Their unique appearance and grace become a matter of curiosity for the public.  However, very commonly, the owners’ pride for pet dogs can become a threat to outsiders. Rottweiler dogs are known even to bite off flesh from the body organs of the victims. Therefore, care is necessary to ensure that the bona fide visitors do not physically or emotionally torture these breeds. Of course, the security aspect is a matter of great concern, and protection from intruders can be the best intent in domesticating such species.  These large breeds can protect property, sports, and perform rescue operations.      

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