How To Stop Puppy Biting? – Guide To Stop Them

How To Stop Puppy Biting? – Guide To Stop Them

Adorable puppies can become furious at times and start biting. However, the puppy biting can be stopped at the earlier stages for better results. That is to say, it is common that puppies bit much and therefore this can be stopped over some time.

There are several reasons that dogs and puppies start to bite harder. For example, when they start teething, like babies, they tend to bite everything that lies around them. Similarly, when they were growing with other pups before entering your house, they would have caught up with this habit.

Therefore, your puppy learned the habit of biting and they do not know that it is a habit to change. But if it left untreated, then they can grow with the habit causing damage to the family members. It is the responsibility of the owner to gradually eliminate the habit for better results.

Easy Ways To Stop Puppy Biting

How To Stop Puppy Biting? – Guide To Stop Them
How To Stop Puppy Biting? – Guide To Stop Them

Toys Can Help

When you start to grow puppies, they start to bite as their teeth grow. However, this biting habit can be redirected to select toys so that it becomes a habit to bit only them. That is to say, they will know to bite only certain things like food and toys after a certain period. Therefore, it is an effective method to train them to bite only certain objects.

High-Pitched Yelp When They Bite

This is one of the other effective methods that help the dogs to stop biting. Yelping a certain word or sound will make them aware that they should not bite anymore and leave the object. Certainly, the biting will stop after a time when you practice it consistently. In addition, you can put a toy into his mouth when he feels to bite or go near objects to bite.

How To Stop Puppy Biting? – Guide To Stop Them
How To Stop Puppy Biting? – Guide To Stop Them

Do Not Punish

The foremost important thing is not punishing them when they bite. However, you can feel frustrating that they do similar mistakes in spite of several warnings. But they need more time and you should be patient with the process so that they adapt to this habit of stopping biting.

Command To Stop Puppy Biting

In addition, you can say commanding words like ‘Leave’ or ‘Stop’ regularly when they start to bite. Once your pup mastered this command, it will be easier for you to train them. Consequently, you can offer them food and toys when they obeyed your command. This practice will help them to do the same in future circumstances.

Praising Often

When you praise your dogs for every effort they put, they will obey you more. Moreover, they are human loving animals and they do not wish you to be disappointed. Therefore, if you praise them regularly, they learn that biting should be stopped.

To sum up, the puppy biting is not a tedious task to stop and it takes a few efforts from the owners. In addition, if you start practicing these techniques earlier, then they could grow as a good puppy.  

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