Golden Retriever – 5 Things To Know Before Getting One

Golden Retriever – 5 Things To Know Before Getting One

Who cannot love the adorable and fluffy golden retriever dogs? These cute dogs are always top among the dog lovers. Moreover, you can recognize them instantly with their cute smile and golden brown coat. Further, they have a tapered muzzle, hanging ears, gentle brown colored eyes, and a sturdy neck.

However, these dogs weigh around 50 to 80 pounds and their height would be from 21 to 24 inches. They are considered to be the best human companion with their energetic character. In addition, they are loyal, handsome, easily trained, hyperactive, and friendly dogs.

If you are looking for dogs that would play with you and fetch, then these are the dogs you should get. Further, these intelligent and fun-loving dogs are loaded with positive vibes. That is to say, they can uplift your mood after you are coming back from your work.

Why You Should Get Golden Retriever?

Golden Retriever – 5 Things To Know Before Getting One
Golden Retriever – 5 Things To Know Before Getting One

These dogs are known for uplifting your energies as they are a little hyperactive. However, this depends and one should be patient to stay comfortable without getting overwhelmed. Moreover, these dogs are outdoor-loving creatures and therefore, they should be taken outside often.

Things You Should Know About Golden Retriever

Make Enough Room For Your Dog

These dogs are medium to large-sized and therefore require a huge space. That is to say, you need to make enough space so that they feel comfortable to move. Moreover, you can build a small house for them in the yard for better results. On the other hand, if you are living in an apartment, then it is difficult for them to move freely.

Golden Retrievers Chew

If you have a huge shoe collection at home, beware. To clarify, these dogs love chewing and there are higher possibilities that they chew your favorite shoes. However, you can place them in separate cupboards which are at greater heights above the ground. But you can provide them resistant toys so that they chew better and do not get bored.

Be With Them

The retrievers create a strong emotional connection to their owners. Therefore, you must spend more hours with them playing or walking them. However, if you will be out for work, then there are higher chances of getting depressed. In such cases, you can appoint a dog sitter or any of your family members to stay with them.

Golden Retriever – 5 Things To Know Before Getting One
Golden Retriever – 5 Things To Know Before Getting One

They Love Outdoor Activities

Golden retrievers love outdoors and activities that are full of energy. Therefore, if you are not a kind of outdoor person, then this dog will disappoint you and vice versa. Further, they love to do many activities like swimming, running, playing at the park, and even hiking.

Avoid Neutering

Neutering retrievers can affect their overall metabolism and performance. Therefore, many scientists claim the owners to prevent this practice as they have a higher tendency to cause diseases like cancer, eye disorders, skin problems, and many others. However, you can try alternative methods to stop breeding like tubal ligation or vasectomy.  

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