Giant Dog Breeds That Will Love And Safeguard Your Children

Giant Dog Breeds

As humans have evolved over centuries today, the dog’s role has changed from hunter and herder to guardian and loyal friend. The dog’s size plays a significant role in choosing the perfect dog, whether to guard or be a companion. Giant breeds have got something that makes them exceptionally attractive. Some people prefer smaller breeds, but those who love giant breed feel like nothing is better. Nothing can beat cuddling with giant dog breeds.

Are Giant Dog Breeds Dangerous??

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Giant dog breeds are mainly affectionate and loving instead of common thought that they are frightening and scary. Many of them are very gentle and calm so that they can be a perfect companion to children.

Is It Difficult To Care For Giant Dog Breeds??

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Although irrespective of breed, every dog needs a lot of attention for their health, be it exercise or nutrition. Giant breeds come with additional responsibilities. Their weight should be monitored timely which depend upon individual breed. On average, these weigh in between 80 to 200 pounds. They commonly are at high risk of Bloat, congenital joint disease, and osteosarcoma(a kind of bone cancer). These breeds require a lot of physical activities and a large area to sprawl.

Following are the few giant large breeds:

Saint Bernard

They grow up to a height of 25-30 inches and weigh between 180-200 pounds. Initially bred for rescue, today they are mostly famous for having a very gentle temperament and being friendly. They are intelligent and also a great companion for children. This giant breed strictly requires proper training as they often forget how big they are.St. Bernard needs regular grooming and drools heavily.

Irish Wolfhound

It is one of the ancient breeds from the Greyhound family. Its height should be between 301-35 inches and weight around 140 pounds. The Irish wolfhound is the tallest giant dog breed that makes them look imposing, but they are gentle and non-aggressive. They are courageous, alert, and very obedient. Daily exercise is a must and also needs regular brushing.


Height is 30-35 inches, and weight ranges between 105-140 pounds. It is a perfect example of a gentle giant. Initially bred for hunting, these breeds have gained the title of nanny dog because of immense patience. They are born swimmers and enjoy long walks. They need regular exercise and are prone to infections, so they should be kept very clean.


This giant dog breed is originally a German breed. The height is between 27-31 inches and weighs up to 170 pounds. They are a unique and multipurpose breed. On the one hand, they are very calm and playful and, on the other hand, are highly energetic and capable of herding and water rescuing. It is a perfect combination of strength and smartness. They require a lot of breeding and at risk of an orthopedic problem.


Whether you want to have a companion at your home with children or want a new jogging partner or loyal guard to your home, the Giant dog breed will fit perfectly in your family. Before adopting them, please get to know many things beforehand, like their temperament, food habits, grooming requirements, etc. Naturally, giant dog breeds cannot thrive in a small place and need a lot of training. Finally, whichever furry friend you adopt, don’t forget to shower them with a lot of love.

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