Facts About Yorkies That You Didn’t Knew

Facts About Yorkies

The Yorkshire Terrier has long been one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. The breed originally evolved during the nineteenth century in York, England. Idealistically its average size is about seven pounds, however, it can easily exceed that size when it gets excited or stressed. The large head is large, but narrow set eyes, short and wrinkled face and small ears are all characteristics of the English Yorkie. In fact the breed was first used for hunting, as it was one of the best hunters in the English countryside. Here are facts about Yorkies.

Facts About Yorkies

Facts About Yorkies Trait
Facts About Yorkies Trait

While you are looking at facts about Yorkies, there are a number of things to keep in mind including the fact that it was originally bred to hunt large animals. In fact, the Yorksie has a high prey drive and is often used to catch other large animals such as deer and boar.

They tend to have short hair and a short coat. They also tend to shed less than other dogs, making them suitable for many areas of the country.

A Yorkie is also prone to develop separation anxiety, which makes them quite an unpleasant pet to own. It is important to understand that these types of dogs are usually very social and are happy to spend time with other dogs or humans. They tend to be quite friendly with children and will generally be quite obedient. But this does not mean that they are without aggression, nor does it mean that they cannot be trained properly.

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All in all, these types of dogs make wonderful pets that make great dogs for families who enjoy spending time together.

The fact about Yorkshire Terriers is that they are a very small size, measuring about one foot in length and one foot in height. They are not very strong and are not overly aggressive.


One of the best qualities of the breed is that they are very easy to maintain. As with all small size dogs, you must make sure that you are providing proper grooming on a regular basis and that helps to ensure that your Yorkshire puppy is healthy. They also tend to be very easy to train since they have a natural tendency to follow a lead and be responsive to your commands. Although they do not need much physical exercise, you should make sure that you give them plenty of exercise and enough sleep to avoid boredom.

The last thing to remember is that this breed is very intelligent. In fact, this breed is a great choice for families who have children who want a pet who learn from you, rather than you learn from the dog.

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 Facts About Yorkies And Breed
Facts About Yorkies And Breed

The fact about Yorkshireies being a good choice for families who have children is that they tend to be very friendly and happy, but they are not necessarily demanding. This means that you will not have to constantly work at training and trying to correct your dog whenever it misbehaves or does something that you did not want it to do.

Another good thing about owning a small breed of dog is that they tend to be easy to take care of since they are small and have a lower metabolism. which means that you should not have to worry about feeding them or taking them to the vet to have their teeth cleaned out.


The fact about Yorkshire Terrier is that they are a very popular breed in America. You will find them in many different breeds show ring, in many kennels and as well as at many pet stores, but as with all small breed dogs, make sure that you do your research before you buy one for yourself.

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