Concept Of Dog Commands: Basic Right Commands

Concept Of Dog Commands: Basic Right Commands

The concept of dog commands is not simply confined to when you are disciplining your dog. We are all guilty of ignoring these simple concepts in our everyday lives, and it’s time to get the basics right.

Simple Instructions

From the time that your puppy or adult dog is an infant, the idea of basic commands should be drilled into his or her mind. This is very much in the best interest of your dog because these simple instructions will help him or her to learn to listen to you. A good dog will understand you if you show the necessary respect.

basic dog commands
Concept Of Dog Commands: Basic Right Commands

Develop A Relationship

When teaching your basic dog commands, he or she will recognize the behavior that you expect. The concept is to use the commands as a way to command the dog to do something and also to develop a relationship with the dog.

Basic Commands

As you teach your dog commands, try to stick to the basic commands. Let your dog experience just how to do certain things using the basic commands.

Command Your Dog To Sit Down

With your dog sitting in front of you, let him or her face you and command the dog to sit. Do this slowly and clearly so that your dog understands what you want him or her to do. This will make your dog feel essential because they will know exactly what to do.

Dog Follow Your Command

It’s essential to follow up your command with your body language and show the dog that he or she does indeed need to sit by giving your dog’s head at a tilt. With your body language, you will communicate that your dog wants to sit.

Complicates Command

When you are out walking your dog, you may want to work in a more complicated command that will make the dog pay attention. Once your dog has listened to you, you can command him or her to go, stay, or fetch.

Concept Of Dog Commands:  Basic Right Commands
Concept Of Dog Commands: Basic Right Commands

Dog Training Room

You should teach your dog that the dog training room is the place where it is allowed to eat and drink. You will use this command by holding your dog in your arms and then telling him or her to sit.

Use Crate To Train Your Dog

Use a crate to train your dog, and while you are in the crate, you will give your dog some treats. When you say, “stop,” you should quickly touch the dog’s nose and treat it.

Teach Your Dog

Teaching your dog to sit, lie down, or down will take some time and patience. However, your dog will soon recognize what you are trying to teach him or her.

Dog Training Efforts

While training your dog to do many of the basic commands, you should remember that you should still have fun while training your dog. It is also essential that you are consistent in your dog training efforts. The first time your dog doesn’t understand a command, don’t be frustrated or angry.


Remember that consistency is the key to effective dog training. If you fail to follow the basic commands, you should continue working with your dog until you succeed. When your dog has become good at doing things the first time, you should take the time to improve his or her performance.

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