4 Basic Dog Training Things You Should Teach Your Pet

4 Basic Dog Training Things You Should Teach Your Pet

If you got your first dog after many years, it will be the best feeling ever. The dogs can balance your life but if you want to communicate with them, then you should train them. That is to say, if you are looking for dog training techniques, then you are on the right page.

Dogs are cutest pets one could have but if they behave abnormally, then they test our patience. However, many experts suggest starting your basic training lessons at an early stage, so that they obey properly. They can grow up with the lessons learned and behave like the nicest dog ever.

In addition, providing obedience training to your dogs will help them learn to adapt to your family. However, for training to make them obedient, you need the best crate. Similarly, prepare the crate so that the dogs consider them a happy place and get trained happily.

Dog Training – Basic Things

Most importantly, when you are providing training, do not use the crate as a punishment spot. Because this will make them get disappointed leading to ineffective training. Therefore, one needs to take a step like adding toys and make them explore with interest for best results.

4 Basic Dog Training Things You Should Teach Your Pet
4 Basic Dog Training Things You Should Teach Your Pet

Furthermore, take a look at the basic training steps for your dog to make them hear your commands.

4 Basic Dog Training Techniques To Know

Make Them Sit

It is the easiest command, to begin with. Firstly, hold your dog’s food near him and move it upwards so that he is in a sitting position. Secondly, when he is in a sitting position, say “sit” and then feed him. Consequently, your dog will learn how to sit and get food from you. However, this must be repeated for a few days so that your dog is active to the command and obeys it.

Train Them To Come To You

This is the next important command to bring your dog back to you. That is to say, when they move away from leash or when you accidentally leave the door open. Most importantly, you need to put a leash around his collar. Secondly, bend down to his level and say “come” by pushing his leash towards you. When he comes to you, offer him a treat and practice this method for a few days.

Letting Them Stay – Dog Training

To achieve this position, it is important that they know to sit when you give instruction. Firstly, ask them to sit and then slowly open your palm to them and say ‘stay.’ Secondly, take a few steps back and reward your dog if he stays there. Further, repeat the process and increase the number of steps you retreat to train them. Most importantly, you should reward your dog even if he stays there for a few seconds.

4 Basic Dog Training Things You Should Teach Your Pet
4 Basic Dog Training Things You Should Teach Your Pet

Training Them To Down Their Body

“Down” is the common command you should say to achieve this submissive position. However, it is difficult training but can be achieved when trained consistently. Moreover, if your dog is anxious, this training will make them come back to normal. Initially, take a good smelling treat and hold it near his nose. Slowly keep the treat on the floor when he starts to sniff it. Finally, slide your hand along his body so that he is in the down position.

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